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Starry Night Over the Rhone by Vincent van Gogh

2 oz 999 Fine Silver Coin – Republique du Tchad 2022 – 10000 Francs CFA

The Starry Night is one of van Gogh’s most famous pieces. Many people are not as aware of the Starry Night over the Rhone. This is a piece that offers all the same soft and delicate brushstrokes of the more famous painting and the viewer can see clearly the movement of the water and the feeling of the stillness of the night. This was a very personal painting that van Gogh made after a walk home and his feelings are clear in all of the strokes of the work. This painting was exhibited in 1889 in Paris at the annual exhibition of the Société des Artistes Independents. Van Gogh often stated that he saw the colors of things first and the emotion second, but the viewer can see both with ease in this piece.

This colorful and emotional piece shows the best of van Gogh’s talent. The viewer can see each brushstroke with ease and can easily imagine the feelings that van Gogh was experiencing when he made the painting. The color and feel of this view near his home are evident from every angle. The picture is delivered in textured relief which means that not a single brush stroke is lost in the transfer. The texture is crisp and clear and the colors come across beautifully. This is a durable and beautiful item that can be displayed in any location that needs a little color and emotion. The shades and feelings of the original painting come across perfectly in this piece and it speaks volumes for the original as well as for itself. The frame surrounding the original is also rendered perfectly in the final product in two different finishing, antiqued silver and gold plated. The obverse presents an original design depicting a portrait of the artist himself and the theme of this collectible, Starry Night over the Rhone, in a currency note style as the design of the legal tender, featuring the Coat of Arms du Tchad.

On a canvas of 14.5 x 11cm, a new minting technique called “Bi-Metal Max” was applied to give this piece its remarkable weight while keeping its proportions true to the actual painting. This is made possible by combining 33.5 oz of copper as a base with a top painting layer of 2 oz of 999 pure Silver, resulting in a realistic relief. This is a limited edition of 500 pieces only. Each piece is packaged and delivered with a Certificate verifying its edition number and authenticity.