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Peaky Blinders

1 oz 999 Fine Silver Coin – Republique du Tchad 2023 – 5000 Francs CFA

Street gangs were once the law and final word in many parts of England, and the Peaky Blinders are arguably the most famous of these gangs. Based in Birmingham, England, from the 1880s to the 1910s, this group was formulated in response to the harsh economic conditions of working-class Britain during this period. The members were lower or middle-class boys and men who were involved in robberies, racketeering, bookmaking, gambling, and other illegal pursuits. Violence was a daily occurrence for this group, and they were often embroiled in street wars with other gangs. The reason for the name Peaky Blinder was that the gang would stitch razor blades into the peaks of their hats, which could be used as weapons. The name might be apocryphal, but it is hard to say. Another idea about the name of the game was that it was simply a reference to the shape of their hats. This group eventually carved out some political clout for itself then declined in the 1930s. As the events that would lead to WWII began to take place and the social fabric of Britain changed into a welfare state, street gangs dwindled and then vanished. There is a certain bloodthirsty romance to the time period where these youthful gangsters ruled the streets of Britain, but their contemporaries probably did not feel this fondness at all.

A new minting technique called “Bi-Metal Max” was applied to give this piece its remarkable weight and 60x30mm in size  – double the size of the regular 1 oz collectible. This is made possible by combining 2.5 oz of copper as a base with a top layer of 1 oz of 999 fine Silver, resulting in a super high relief topped with silver antiqued finishing. This razor blade-shaped collectible is a limited edition of 688 pieces only. Each piece is packaged and delivered with a Certificate verifying its edition number and authenticity.