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Little Monkey King

10g 999 Fine Silver Coin – Republique du Tchad 2023 – 1500 Francs CFA

Japanese caricature art is a style of representation that is typically used to depict actors and famous people but it is becoming increasingly popular for uses other than anime. This whimsical and delightful art style captures the emotion behind subjects perfectly, and this piece displays the trickster nature of Sun Wukong 孙悟空, the Monkey King perfectly. From the popular Chinese novel ‘Journey to the West’ comes the Chinese Gods Mythology Series. Known as 西遊記 in Chinese, the story tells of Tang San Zang and his disciples traveling to the West to retrieve Buddhist sutras. The Monkey King is central to the story and is a trickster god who was born of a magical rock. He was thrown from the Emperor’s court for impertinence but did achieve enlightenment afterward. This stylized art version of this famous and mythical god displays the same sense of mischievous behavior and the sense of movement that has been captured in the piece makes it very enjoyable to display. This is a classic use of the Japanese caricature art form to create a totally new way to envision famous or well-known characters from all kinds of art and media. Shown here on a cloud after his ascension, the monkey tail and the shape of the face still tell the story of the journey that The Monkey King has been on quite clearly.

This piece is crafted with 10 grams of 999 Fine Silver, finished in silver proof with color. Details are engraved in high relief and it is shaped precisely to finish. This is a limited edition of 1000 pieces only. Each piece is packaged and delivered with a Certificate verifying its edition number and authenticity.