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Guan Yu Crosses 5 Passes and Slays 6 Generals

2 oz 999 Pure Silver Coin – Republique du Tchad 2022 – 10000 Francs CFA

An essential character who served under the warlord Liu Bei, Guan Yu played a most significant role in the establishment of Liu Bei’s rule. Many tales are told of his bravery and valor in war, but the most impressive one is the one told on this collectible, of how Guan Yu crossed five passes and slayed six generals to reunite with Liu Bei. 

This piece presents the tumultuous journey that he overcame and emerged as the victor. Riding atop the Red Hare (赤兔馬) as it rises on its hind legs, Guan Yu wields his Green Dragon Crescent Blade (青龙偃月刀) high, ready to strike. His long and dense beard flows behind him while a fierce and commanding expression sets in his face – an instantly recognizable and distinctive stance that is often depicted in art statues and figurines of him. In the foreground, three generals lay defeated while the other generals approached him. Collectors would appreciate the attention given to the six generals, who are shown armed with their own weapons, such as Bian Xi with the Meteor Hammer.

On the obverse sits the stamp of the legendary Heirloom Seal of the Realm – an unparalleled sign of ultimate authority and power. The words ‘受命於天, 既壽永昌’, translating to “With the Mandate from Heaven, may the Emperor lead a long and prosperous life”, are inscribed in a magnificent shade of crimson red demanding authority and respect. First commissioned by Qin Shi Huang when he unified China and became her first emperor, the seal was carved from precious jade and used exclusively by the Emperor. It was passed down the ruling lineage and it symbolized a god-given power to rule, the seal was thus an object of rivalry and contention during the period of the Three Kingdoms, as feudal lords and warlords alike fought to possess it to demonstrate their positions as deserving leaders.

A new minting technique called “Bi-Metal Plus” was applied to give this piece an impressive size and weight. At 80mm in diameter, it is double the size of a regular 2 oz collectible, made possible by combining 11.5 oz of copper embodied within two layers of 999 fine silver totaling 2 oz, to deliver a super ultra-high relief topped with silver antiqued finishing.