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George Washington

2 oz Fine Silver Coin – Republique du Tchad 2023 – 10000 Francs CFA

George Washington was a complicated man who many historians have tried to summarize in simple ways. He was a slave owner, but he also believed in assimilating others into the culture that was being created in the fledgling country he helped to build. He was a military hero but also a man who would have been happy just being a farmer for all of his life. Washington has long served as an example of a politician and leader by necessity, a cornerstone concept within American society with its citizen military. Washington has long been revered as the first and possibly the best of the American presidents and his legacy can be felt even today in the United States.

George Washington’s image was popular starting in 1775. This was the year that he was named the commander in chief of the continental army and became a symbol of hope for the fledgling nation just trying to spread its wings. This famous portrait was done by Gilbert Stuart, and it remains one of the most famous representations of the man who helped make the formation of the United States a reality. Stuart made many renderings of the United State’s first president, and these images helped secure the foothold that he needed to be a successful painter.

This finely-detailed bust design is made to remind collectors of a sculpture but it offers superior attention to detail and quality of the shaped high-relief minting process. This piece is crafted with 2 oz of 999 pure Silver and die-cut with fine precision to deliver its engraved details in a super-high relief, before being topped off with antiqued silver finishing. This is a limited edition of 355 pieces only – a nod to Agent 355, the code name of a female spy who is a part of the Culper Ring(a network of spies) that helped George Washington win the American Revolution. Each piece is packaged and delivered with a Certificate verifying its edition number and authenticity.