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Garuda vs Naga

2x 2 oz Pure Silver Coin – Republique du Tchad 2020 – 10000 Francs CFA – Project Management for: The Treasurists

The legendary rivalry between Garuda and Naga can be symbolic of many things; light versus dark, air versus water, eagle versus serpent. The feud between these two mythical creatures has been recounted through Thai history and Buddhist folktales in various ways and means through history. This sculptural representation of the pair together, however, is one-of-a-kind and joins the prowess of the two together to unveil the fiery of their battle.

Garudas are important creatures in Buddhist and Hindu mythology. The word ‘Garuda’ is Sanskrit for ‘eagle’, and mirrors the appearance of this mythic creature. Said to be half-beast and half-human, Garuda has a man’s torso and legs, with gigantic wings, feet, and talons of a bird that grant him incredible strength. Considered as the king of all birds, he is said to be the vehicle mount of Hindu God Vishnu.

The Naga is a serpent-like creature that appears in common Hindu and Buddhist mythology. The word “naga” means “cobra” in Sanskrit, and the mythical serpent is mostly portrayed in religious art with the body and tail of a cobra paired with a human upper torso and multiple heads. As they are believed to reside in water bodies, Nagas are strongly associated with water and are said to inhabit the Mekong River that runs through East and Southeast Asia. Because of their dwelling in the conditions of these underground caverns, the Naga is also associated with the underworld.

Both Garuda and Naga are majestic creatures in their own right, and this collectible translates their legendary rivalry through the clever use of a puzzle-like finish, the first of its kind. When the first coin from this series “Garuda” is enclosed within, the epic battle between the two unravels. Naga circles Garuda with aggression and confronts him fearlessly despite being caught in his stronghold. With a super ultra-high relief, every detail of the scales on Naga’s body stands out beautifully, and its three heads and serpent bodies move in fluid motions through the water as it rises to face Garuda. Antiqued silver was chosen to finish this piece to respectfully present the ancient legends with reverence.