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Figure of 8 Dragon & Tiger

3 oz Pure Silver Coin – Tokelau 2022 – 15 Dollars – Project Management for: The Treasurists Exclusive Distributor: LPM Group Ltd

The Chinese dragon is a formidable creature that symbolizes power, strength and fortune. In Imperial China, the Chinese dragon was exclusively used by the Emperor in his official robes, stamps and within his inner palace. As such, the dragon has long been associated not only with its auspicious connotations, but also a sense of superiority and excellence. As the most powerful of the cat species and a natural leader with vigor and confidence, the tiger is also held in high regard by the Chinese. This pairing of the dragon and tiger thus represents an indomitable duo of positive energy and power.

On this piece, the dynamic duo meets on a figure eight, their bodies lunging at one another and meeting at the intersection of the piece. The number 8 is the most ‘lucky’ number in Chinese culture as the pronunciation of the number 八 ‘ba’ sounds similar to the words ‘发’ fa i.e. ‘发财’ fa cai, meaning ‘to prosper’. The number 8 also symbolizes balance and wholeness in Taoism. To emphasize this, the octagon Ba Gua symbol used in Taoist practice is tastefully included within this piece as holes of the figure 8, complemented with deep 3D caisson details and the body of the dragon and tiger circling around them. On the obverse, the yin and yang sign curves beautifully down the length of the collectible, a reflection of the perfect pairing of the two creatures. The obverse is complemented with the legal tender of Tokelau, the official effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

Measuring 44mm by 60mm, this piece is die-cut to exacting proportions of the figure 8 and made with 999 Pure Silver weighing 3 oz. An antiqued finishing technique is applied to give a unique appearance to each piece.