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Family Heirloom

1 oz Pure Silver Coin – Republique du Tchad 2020 – 5000 Francs CFA

A treasured and invaluable part of one’s heritage, the family heirloom is a precious item, often an antique, jewelry, or an object with significant meaning that is passed down the family line. As it is handed over to the next generation, it brings along profound meaning, reminding one of who they are and where they come from. Family heirlooms serve as physical mementos that carry intangible emotions and remembrance of our past and are carefully cherished for generations.

A central icon of the Catholic church, Madonna is the artistic representation of Mary, either alone or more frequently, with her child Jesus. The Madonna Della Seggiola is a renowned painting by the Italian Renaissance artist Raphael, showing the Virgin Mary seated while cradling her child closely. Translating to mean “Madonna of the Chair”, she leans her head tenderly on Jesus with a soft gaze focused on the artist while her nephew John looks on. The painting is recreated in 3D with elaborate precision, conveying the affection and intimacy from art to a sculptural masterpiece that is this collectible. It instantly brings out the nurturing bond between a mother and her child, taking its keeper back to the familiar feeling of home and family. 

On the reverse of this gold-plated collectible, light decorations are in place to complement one’s desired message or family name on the sculpture. The focal point and space in the middle are reserved for this purpose, to allow its keeper to engrave his or her chosen inscription. Every piece then becomes unique, a true family heirloom that is a mark of the family heritage. This collectible is delivered within a handcrafted case, specially designed for collectors to store various other family treasures. It is spacious and sturdy enough to store photographs and letters, alongside other common and cherished heirloom items such as jewelry and watches. Through this, the warmth and sentiments of home are kept securely, alongside the family heirloom that is elegantly marked with one’s desired inscription – the beginning of a collector’s legacy.