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Café Terrace at Night by Vincent van Gogh

2 oz 999 Fine Silver Coin – Republique du Tchad 2022 – 10000 Francs CFA

The scene that was used to inspire this painting was a coffee house that van Gogh frequented. This painting was done in 18888 and the muted energy of the night is clear in the colors that van Gogh used for the painting. This is the brightest of the pieces that are part of the nighttime paintings that van Gogh made during this period. The painting was first named Coffeehouse, in the evening and later on, it was renamed when the other night paintings were made. The progression of the moving van Gogh made from the lightness of the café toward the exotic darkness of the evening when one looks at the rest of the nighttime pieces. This piece taken alone would display a very different feeling than when one sees the entire series taken as a whole.

This is a well-crafted piece that is loyal to the brush strokes, the colors, and the feel of the original piece that van Gogh made as he discovered the nighttime all around him. The ratio of the original painting is preserved and the highly textured relief design preserves and highlights the beauty of the original brushstrokes. The details are precise, clear, and loyally represented in this piece. The clear and crisp nature of the process of crafting the relief offers the perfect base for the color and the quality of the original painting.

The obverse presents an original design depicting a portrait of the artist himself and the theme of this collectible, Cafe Terrace at Night, in a currency note style as the design of the legal tender, featuring the Coat of Arms du Tchad.

On a canvas of 11 x 14.5cm, a new minting technique called “Bi-Metal Max” was applied to give this piece its remarkable weight while keeping its proportions true to the actual painting. This is made possible by combining 33.5 oz of copper as a base with a top painting layer of 2 oz of 999 pure Silver. This is a limited edition of 500 pieces only. Each piece is packaged and delivered with a Certificate verifying its edition number and authenticity.