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Almond Blossom by Vincent van Gogh

2 oz 999 Fine Silver Coin – Republique du Tchad 2022 – 10000 Francs CFA

Almond Blossom is part of a series of paintings that were made from 1888-1890 by Vincent van Gogh. He was fascinated by the nature of the delicacy of these flowering trees and he thought that they represented awakening and hope. The brush strokes and colors of this piece are characteristic of the Impressionist style of painting that has long been linked with van Gogh’s best works.

This piece is interesting as well because it was linked with van Gogh’s interest in Japanese woodblock prints later in his career. Van Gogh referred to these works as Japonaiserie and he collected many of them for his own personal enjoyment. Works like Almond Blossom were likely inspired by the collection that van Gogh had created for himself with woodblock prints. 

The painting was a gift for his brother Theo and sister-in-law Jo, who had just had a baby son, Vincent Willem. In the letter announcing the new arrival, Theo wrote: ‘As we told you, we’ll name him after you, and I’m making the wish that he may be as determined and as courageous as you.’ Unsurprisingly, it was this work that remained closest to the hearts of the Van Gogh family.

Almond Blossom is one of the most delicate and special works of van Gogh, and the relief version accurately captures all of the wonder and fragile beauty of the original work of art. Excellent execution and recreation of this famous piece of art will offer collectors the chance to have a unique and special version of this classic for their own personal collection. The painting is brought to life beautifully in high relief with the precise colors of the artwork carefully rendered over the minted relief surface which offers collectors a really unique and beautiful piece complete with a gold-plated frame. 

The obverse presents an original design depicting a portrait of the artist himself and the theme of this collectible, Almond Blossoms, in a currency note style as the design of the legal tender, featuring the Coat of Arms du Tchad.

On a canvas of 14.5 x 11cm, a new minting technique called “Bi-Metal Max” was applied to give this piece its remarkable weight while keeping its proportions true to the actual painting. This is made possible by combining 33.5 oz of copper as a base with a top layer of 2 oz of 999 pure Silver, resulting in a high relief. This is a limited edition of 500 pieces only. Each piece is packaged and delivered with a Certificate verifying its edition number and authenticity.