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Akasagarbha/ Xu Kong Zang Pu Sa

5 oz Pure Silver Coin – Republique du Tchad 2020 – 20000 Francs CFA

It is a fundamental belief in Buddhism that every person is born under the blessing and protection of a certain Bodhisattva or Buddha. The Eight Protectors are each associated with a specific Zodiac animal and bless all who are born in the year of that particular Zodiac. They are also perceived as guardians of the cardinal and semi-cardinal directions. This connection between the twelve zodiac signs and the Eight Protectors is thought to be in alignment to Taoist influence and Chinese cosmology, whereby pious worshipping of the Protectors is believed to bless one with a peaceful life by elimination of calamities. 

The Akasagarbha, also known as Xū Kōng Záng Pú Sà (虛空藏菩薩) is one of the eight Great Bodhisattvas known for his infinite wisdom. His name can also be loosely translated to ‘Boundless Space Treasury’ as his wisdom is said to be as boundless as space. The mantra of Akasagarbha is widely used in various schools of Buddhism throughout the world and in multiple languages, where it is believed to give rise to merit and creativity while dispelling ignorance. It is thus common that many pray to him with the desire to better their skills, memory, or competence.

As the guardian of the Ox and Tiger zodiac, the Akasagarbha watches over and protects those born in these two zodiac years. He bestows wisdom and intelligence upon believers who seek enlightenment and is known for his generosity and meritorious acts.

This collectible features the Akasagarbha seated serenely and accompanied by elements of the lotus flower which symbolizes perfection. He also wears the Five Buddha Crown (五佛冠), signifying the complete purification of worldly and undesirable feelings, and attainment of the five Buddha wisdom. With his sword in hand, he cuts through negative emotions and dispels undesirable thoughts. On the obverse sits the zodiac wheel to symbolize his role as the guardian of the Ox and Tiger and the Taoist symbol of Bagua with a round-shaped yin-yang behind the legal tender, the Coat of Arms du Tchad

A new minting technique called “Bi-Metal Max” was applied to give this piece its remarkable weight and 120mm diameter – triple the size of the regular 2 oz collectible. This is made possible by combining 28.5 oz of copper as a base with a top layer of 5 oz of 999 fine silver, resulting in a super ultra-high relief topped with silver antiqued finishing.