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96 Ox

2 oz Pure Silver Coin – Niue Island 2021 – 5 Dollars with 5g Pure Silver Note/ Certificate of Authenticity – Niue Island 2021 1 Dollar

2021 is the Year of the Ox in the Lunar calendar. According to Chinese belief, those born in the Year of the Ox are thought to be good-natured and honest workers due to the laborious nature of the animal. This not only applies to those born in the Zodiac year but also the events and happenings that are to take place – it is believed that positive and steadfast improvements and progressions are expected to happen throughout the year, as the ox carries prosperous connotations. Similarly in Western culture, the bull (a male species of the box) symbolizes a rising market and is generally used to express optimistic market sentiments.

The matching of the numbers 9 and 6 together forms the Yin Yang symbol – 9 representing the strength of the Yang, and 6 representing the gentleness of the Yin. This coming together of the two completes a harmonious union of all the energy in one’s self and the universe and is believed to breed wisdom and positivity. The 2 digits are believed to generate and attract positive energy, invoking good thoughts and spring actions from one’s self, thus breeding wisdom and cultivating worldly perception.

Made from 2 oz of 999 Ag to a size of 40mm diameter, struck in ultra-high relief, and complemented with antique finishing, the stern and reliable ox is combined with the numbers 9 and 6 to give this piece percipient meaning. The obverse features the legal tender of Niue Island, the official effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Certificate of Authenticity for the 96 Ox coin comes in the form of a silver note, made in 5g of 999 pure silver to a size of 140x70mm. A captivating holographic effect is added atop of the silver note, delivering a mesmerizing show of rainbow colours when put to the light. This holographic treatment puts a modern twist to the silver note, a beauty that is sure to stand out as a talking point in one’s collection. The obverse features the legal tender of Niue Island, the official effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.