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9 Sons of the Dragon King 10 kg

10kg 999 Fine Silver Coin – Tokelau 2022 – 300 Dollars

The 9 dragons are presented with each of them in fluid motion, creating a sense of movement as they reach toward the fireball in the center. This fireball is sometimes referred to as the “Flaming Pearl” or “Pearl of Wisdom” in Feng Shui. It is known to be a symbol of prosperity, wisdom, and luck, and also carries significance in the religious faith of Taoism and Buddhism as a ‘sacred pearl’ that grants all wishes. The 9 dragons illustrated in close pursuit of the Flaming Pearl thus represent that success and prosperity are soon to be expected, an indication of good fortune and luck.

As the dragons move towards the Flaming Pearl, clouds form beneath them that represent the dragon’s breath, also called “Sheng Chi” or “Cosmic Breath”. This is the most desired energy in Feng Shui that attracts wealth, luck, and fortune. The clever and intricate use of depth in executing the engraving brings this out to a superb 3D effect. Each feature on the dragons’ body and face is distinctively struck, and at the top of the coin lies an ingot and ancient Chinese coins while the dragons all look and move towards it, symbolizing a clear and defined path to good fortune. 

On the obverse lies the official effigy of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This is the latest portrait of the Queen designed and engraved by Jody Clark, the youngest designer to produce an official effigy of the Queen. 

This precious artifact is delivered in super ultra-high relief with 10kg of 999 fine silver. Measuring 220mm in diameter, it boasts an impressive and jaw-dropping size that provides the design of each of the 9 Sons of the Dragon King beautifully and respectfully.

An extremely limited mintage of 9 pieces only. Each piece is delivered in a custom packaging box with a Certificate verifying its edition number and authenticity.